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For separated parents

The Parental Planner is a communication and organisation tool for separated parents, regardless of the custody arrangement. It was created by parents who know firsthand the challenges of shared custody.

The Parental Planner is meant to be passed between parents, in accordance with the children's custody schedule.

In this planner, you can:

Write down the children's schedule;

Note appointments and upcoming events;

Communicate important information to the other parent:
- Behaviour
- Health
- School results
- Special events

Follow up on purchases and expenses;

Consign agreements related to your children;

Keep official documents;

Consign the contact information for people important to your children's welfare;

Transmit documents such as papers to be signed.

"The Parental Planner could become a very important tool to facilitate communication and to share all facets of information concerning your child’s well-being, health and happiness."

Lucille L. Arès

Child Psychologist